Timothy G.


USA to Luxembourg

Amy was amazing during our move. With guidance and assistance and with her overall attention. With the delays involved she truly made this part of our transition the easiest part of what we had to do. Many thanks!

Alice H.


NJ to NJ

The overall experience was amazing. They really helped ease the transition and the anxiety with our move. Thank you to the whole team. They went above and beyond to assist us. Thank you!

David W.


Singapore to USA

Everything was very well managed, very happy with the service from Bryan and team, thank you.

Mark L.



I coordinated the move all the way through with Sydney and she kept me informed the whole way through – even with the England side of the shipment – fab service. The communication I had with the delivery agent was fab as well – they brought the delivery of my goods to my UKL home address forwards – plenty time before we went off on holiday. Thanks again to all but especially Sydney!!!!!!!

James M.


USA to Australia

Jemima was very professional in all aspects of the move. She kept us informed all the way through the move. Top service. Thanks again.

Jeanette D.



Relocating overseas can be stressful experience, Michael Brandwein and Jemima Ross were both very professional and took their time to explain the process. Kudos to Champion for having great staff.

Edgar S.


CA to NW

I am impressed with Casey’s job. She is truly extraordinary. She literally took care of everything and kept me informed at all times.

Christy C.


MA to IL

Both movers were great but the guys that packed me really went above and beyond – they packed everything so carefully and thoughtfully to make sure that nothing was damaged. I very much appreciate it.

Jeffrey W.


TX to TX

Delivery crew showed up at 8:05 am (we were given a time of 8am -12 pm). This was outstanding based on the travel time from Dallas to my home in Weatherford. The crew unpacked boxes/crates that I requested and hauled off the shipping boxes/crates. Everything was done in a very timely manner which fit into my schedule (we had plans for later that day). Relatively no damage to the shipment. Overall an outstanding job.

Alonso D.


Mexico to USA

Everything was great. Movers in Mexico and in New York did a terrific job, were nice and polite. Cassidy was excellent.

Fahad I.



Excellent overall. Bryan did a great job in coordinating everyone and everything.

Jia W.


IL to WA

Julie Shaver did a wonderful job communicating with me during the entire moving process.

George L.



Throughout a difficult and challenging period moving a young family from the UK to the US the service has been stand out. Amy has been a real support and did everything to help along the way with fast response and helpful/can-do attitude. Really impressed and thank you all.

Cairtiona G.


USA to Ireland

Really fantastic service – Sydney was so attentive in everything – and nothing phased her – would definitely recommend this service.

Jaime G.


WA to CA

This whole moving experience has been outstanding. I have moved quite often in my career and this has been absolutely the best one yet. I really appreciate the professionalism and personal interest the whole team has provided. My wife hasn’t complained once (that is a first). That says more than I can ever write. Hats off to the whole team and company!!!

Tood H.


MD to VI

Both teams (the same man headed both teams) were polite, friendly and very professional. Nothing was too much trouble. They were brilliant. Thank you so much.

Bob C.


Ireland to USA

Amy Bendel was terrific from start to finish and always checked in to make sure the movers were going well.

Claude F.


USA to France

Many roadblocks on this move due to conditions on my end. A challenging move for your organization. Your team has demonstrated a lot of patience, facilitating whenever necessary, avoiding risks of duty surcharge, packing and moving with care for antique and precious family items, electronics and fragile music instruments, as well as newly painted expensive motorcycles. All came at destination flawless and in best condition. None of my guitars had suffer excess humidity nor excessive dry condition that could have affect them, they actually came still tuned. Motorcycle had been properly prepared with disconnected battery and fuel line. Not one scratch. The team at both ends did great, handled my stuff with care, were polite and efficient. A big Thank You to Amy Bendel at Champion and our contact in France for their patience, efficiency and great communication. You guys rock!

Don B.


My wife and I were very happy with all aspects of the move and my correspondence and communications with Jemima Ross were excellent. Jemima was friendly, prompt, and always available for assistance. We received a first class service that I would highly recommend to my friends and whom I will use again should the need arise. Thank you.

Loren S.



Bryan made this move so simple and seamless for me. He was incredibly responsive and professional. Can’t recommend Champion enough.

Michael H.


MD to WA

Amazing help! Everything arrived safely! All the movers were nice and friendly. The destination mover also told me a few things about the area and how to handle them. Amazing services. I was able to depend on Ms. Adams for help if I have any questions. Thank you very much for the services.

Shailendra J.


TX to TX

I would like to recommend Ms. Casey Dubich for excellent coordination and support. Her thorough knowledge of the moving details, professionalism and welcoming attitude was outstanding!

Doris M.



Amy was great to work with! She was always responsive and checked in before and during packing and delivery to make sure that everything went well. She was also knowledgeable of the entire process and answered my question in a very timely manner. I absolutely enjoyed working with her.

Vanessa B.


MD to DC

Moving is stressful but I have to say Casey was absolutely great to deal with, nothing was a problem, she was very professional, responsive to my queries really quickly and courteous. She made everything straight forward and took the stress out of the move. I really can’t speak highly enough about her. She’s a real credit to your organization.

Anna T.


USA to France

Great experience. Really appreciate all of the help, support and timely updates.

Marlusz P.


USA to Poland

Dianna Pelissero was amazing. Contact was great and communication was perfect. I appreciate her assistance and if I have to move in the future I’ll use the same company again. Thank you very much.

Courtney R.


Ireland to USA

Overall, everyone involved in my relocation were exceptionally friendly, efficient, and everything made it in one piece. Cassidy was very responsive and adept to handle all of my questions and keep me informed throughout the process. I really appreciated her help!

Jeff L.


TN to CA

This was the best moving experience that I have every used. Outstanding job. Jeff was fantastic.

Lucia D.


PA to PA

The service was outstanding in all respects. I hope not to have to move again aged 78, but if I do, will certainly come back to you. Thank you very much.

Neelu K.


IL to Fl

I have worked with Amy at Champion before in 2001. I find her extremely responsive, a very pleasant person to deal with and very helpful! I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs help with a move!

Kalyan V.


US to India

Really appreciate the smoothness with which the whole move was handled; from the time of packaging to customs clearance to delivery. Thank you

Alexander R.


US to Germany

Everyone was very helpful and informative and Sharon regularly informed me of the current status of my goods. Both moving companies showed up right on time and worked quickly but carefully to package my stuff. It was a stress free experience which I appreciated.

Arun K.


US to India

I am very happy with all the parties involved with our move to Mumbai. It went smoothly and everyone was responsible and efficient. I will be happy to recommend your services to all my friends. Thank you!

Jalel C.


Vietnam to Tunisia

Jessica Jurcevich is doing a great job, a continuous follow up and almost real time answers.

Karen W.


UK to US

The crew leader in the US was fantastic and very professional throughout. It made my whole unpacking experience very positive and I felt confident that everything had been handled well. Bryan from Champion was also excellent throughout and I really appreciated his responsiveness and support during the whole process.

Kyle S.



Michele did an outstanding job in keeping me informed as to the status of my shipment, while the delivery team were equally outstanding in unpacking and setting up the items.

Derick C.


Australia to Singapore

Jemima was excellent. She stayed on top of the assignment al the time. Consistent communication and very polite.

Chris N.


US to Singapore

This entire process was very stressful for my wife and myself, but Amy and the team took the stress away. I feel they went above and beyond my expectations, and will gladly use the service again when the time comes.

Holly G.


CA to CA

I can’t remember the names of the foremen helping with both move in and move out, but both men were exceptional! I would highly recommend this service to friends and family based on my experience.

Anantharaman N.


India to US

Would like to get contact details for both the movers in India and Champion for any future moves. Thanks for the superb coordination. It was seamless end to end. Excellent work from the whole team.

Robert H.


US to Australia

Cindy and Laura O’Dell were an absolute pleasure to deal with. If they were frustrated with changes etc. at my end, they didn’t show it and handled everything with the highest professional standards.

Jennifer S.


Luxembourg to US

Jemima was amazing! She was super responsive, extremely helpful, and answered all of my questions. Thank you!

Karen W.


UK to US

The whole process was made very easy. Bryan’s response to emails was always immediate. Felt both moving companies were focused on doing a great job.

John W.


Puerto Rico to PA

Service was excellent. If we had future moving needs we would not hesitate to contact Champion.

Sehly M.



I am overall very pleased with the process. The communication, preparations, packing/unpacking was almost flawless. Many thanks!

Jeremy D.


Australia to New Zealand

Great communication follow-up after each step in the process. Very thorough and professional outfit led by Sarah Morgan on this occasion.

Matt M.


NY to CA

Jemima was exceptional – very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process.

Veronica N.


UK to US

Dianna Pelissero was fantastic - she was so helpful and added a very human touch to what could otherwise have been an impersonal experience. As somebody who hasn't relocated before, it was so helpful for me to have Dianna to speak with - she was very reassuring at all times and gave me the full details that I needed at each stage to help with my move. A massive thank you to her - she was absolutely brilliant and I'm very grateful for all the support she gave me with my move.

Susan M.


US to India

Sharon Schideck was terrific. She was very knowledgeable and walked me through each step of the process. She also made herself available as necessary. Thank you!

Joao D.


South Africa to US

I was very, very impressed with Victoria. Dealing with her was like dealing with someone who already knew me for years. Her confidence, knowledge and finding ways to help was much above average. The way she followed up on the services, the crew, was great. Also, she was always ready to answer e-mails promptly ... and I was thinking that I was dealing with someone in South Africa. As for the company, to have someone like her is truly (no questions asked) a great asset. Thank you, Victoria! You are the best! Keep it up as you are doing it!

Phil H.


NY to MA

Amy was awesome. She was responsive, helpful, and friendly. Amy made the entire move easier and should be seen as a great asset for your company. The crew were truly awesome. They did everything well. Timely, professional, helpful.

Sandra S.


US to South Korea

Everyone was extremely helpful. Both the person that helped me pack up in the US and the person that helped me unpack polite, and efficient. I had no issues and received my items very quickly. Overall the experience was quite painless.

Faron K.


UK to Australia

My entire experience to date (waiting on boxes to be collected which is scheduled for tomorrow) has been amazing. Everyone I interacted with was helpful, friendly and efficient. Thanks to EVERYONE who was involved.

Simon N.


US to UK

Great service from start to finish and Amy and our contact in London were always very responsive to any questions and with providing timely updates. Thank you very much for making a typically stressful experience go so smoothly. We are very happy.

Sara B.


US to UK

Jemima Ross was excellent from start to finish. She was well organized and courteous and excellent with follow up. I was very impressed with her and I believe that the move went very smoothly due to her efforts.

Mariana C.


Mexico to Panama

Great service and you definitely made it easier the moving process for me. All the people were incredibly friendly and helpful. I can’t thank them enough!

Nicholas E.


Montana to Hawaii

Dianna is fantastic. Called and emailed me during every step of the process to make sure I was informed and prepared for everything that occurred. This woman needs a promotion and a raise!! I have a positive opinion of your organization mostly due to her actions and professional manner.

Kellie P.


US to Australia

We would unhesitatingly recommended Laura and Champion Removalists. We moved entire house internationally and everything arrived in one piece and on time. Thank you.

Michael K.


UK to US

Champion with its partners (in UK and US) made the return home from my international assignment easy and stress free during the 2016 Holiday Season. I am in their debt.

Martin S.


UK to US

Bryan has been an absolute champion! Without him we would have never had the successful move. He is the only reason we’ve went ahead in selecting Champion International. He’s a true asset to your company, always ready to help and working in the background. THANK YOU BRYAN.

Amy C.


Tanzania to US

Amber was a breath of fresh air in a difficult situation and I appreciated her support, professionalism and kindness.

Alejandro M.


Mexico to US

Both crews in Mexico and in Pittsburgh were really efficient, kindly, friendly. Jessica Jurcevich was great during all the process, really supportive and aware of my needs. Congratulations.

Glenn C.


Singapore to US

I was extremely happy with all aspects of this move. Bryan was fantastic and dealt with any issue that arose, or question that I had, quickly and efficiently.



China to US

I was very pleased with the professional service and fantastic support during this move. I felt that I was in the best hands possible. Thanks again to the entire team for making this move a great experience.



Singapore to US

Packing service was great, efficient and well coordinated. Receiving the goods in California was exceptional and very fast unpacking, just in one day. Also appreciate the prompt responses when questions were arise.

Simon O.


UK to Norway

I would like to say that Jemima was absolutely brilliant. Across my whole move, not just moving house, but moving country and all the other admin that goes with it Jemima was by far the best person I had to deal with. She was quick to respond, came back to me with clear answers to all my questions and was always clear on process and next steps. She made me feel very comfortable that the move was all in hand, and that in turn meant it was one less thing for me to be concerned about at a time when there is a lot of other things to organize. She is a great example of perfect end to end customer service!

Ramy E.


US to China

As someone who has moved quite often in the past, I have to say that this particular move ranks at the top of the list. Everything went off very efficiently. Communication was always available and more than enough. And most importantly, all my belongings arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition.

Kamila C.


Luxembourg to Poland

It was my 6th International move, and though at the beginning I was skeptical why the US company is used in the inter European move, I need to admit it was by far the best move on all areas (care, friendliness, politeness, effectiveness, efficiency). Thank you to All the Team! I highly appreciate your great effort and excellently done job!

Christine P.


US to HK

Excellent job of communicating what was expected during the move. Timing of air and sea shipments arrival to Hong Kong was accurate. The crew did a nice / efficient job of packing and unpacking and removing of the packing materials. Satisfied with the overall job done. Thank you!

Atin B.


India to Singapore

Overall, very good experience. I have dealt with relocation experts before, but your service standards are way above.

Bryan G.


India to US

Amy C. is sensational to work with, she takes all the problems that come with moving away and just makes things happen. A big thank you to Amy

Ceyda E.


Croatia to Netherlands

Champion move took the whole moving experience to another level. The professionalism and carefulness the team is putting into their work is admirable. Thank you very much for making the move look so easy and manageable!

Sean D.


HK to US

Sharon from Champion was professional and organized and pleasure to work with. At no point did I feel confused or unsure about the process or next steps.

Ravi K.


India to US

The overall experience was very pleasant and well managed. Mr. Turner was very proactive in terms of ensuring frequent updates based on any update to the status and also ensuring that all the changes (based on schedule/availability) were very well managed. I would rate this overall experience very highly and exceeding my overall expectations.

Rodolfo O.


Mexico to US

Megan Young provided an excellent service. Certainly Champion International Moving's support made the relocation easier. Thank you.

Vinicius P.


Brazil to Switzerland

Amy B. was really keen on making things happen in the best way possible and she achieved that. I want to thank her for being flawless and doing whatever it was possible to accommodate the pickup and delivery in the best dates for me and my family.

Shunsuke Y.


US to UK

Jessica J. was attentive, accommodating and communicative which are the exact qualities that we needed in our relocation agent during a busy and chaotic period. We appreciate her help and highly recommend her to others moving internationally.

Greg M.


UK to HK

We had no breakages (which is normally unheard of). The packing up of the house in London was done with the utmost of care and the arrival of our Air Freight and our Container items was well organized. It was the most pain-free move I have experienced and we have moved quite a lot! I felt in contact with EMS the movers in London and with Bryan Pyle all the time. There is nothing I can fault!

Weston M.


UK to US

Overall, very pleased with the relocation services and especially Amy Crago. Amy was always very responsive and checked in constantly to ensure that the shipment was going smoothly. Overall, Amy made our shipment experience very enjoyable and is very appreciated.

Mark S.


Kenya to US

Amy C. was great - very professional, excellent follow up and quick return on all requests. Thanks so much

John C.


Australia to US

Amy C. was fantastic in what ended up being a complicated move back to the US (we spent 3 months in Tokyo prior to the final move to Winchester). Throughout, she was helpful in solving the logistical issues as they arose.
Both teams in Australia and the US were also helpful - especially working around and with my family.
Moving houses is not a fun process - especially across the world. But they made it as painless as I could imagine. Please let me know if I can be a reference in the future. You guys are great.

Sepehr S.


Germany to Singapore

Great experience from the start of the contact, insurance, filling out of the custom form sheets, preparation of move in Germany, handling the shipment and the unpacking in Singapore - excellent!

Shaundra H.


UK to US

I am very pleased with the communication and service received end to end. My expectations were exceeded.

Jordan T.


Canada to US

Great service all around, had no major hiccups or anything that I would consider a problem. Movers were flexible and professional, Kevin was a pleasure to speak with and touched based with me frequently to ensure everything was running smoothly, and the movers in Canada were more than accommodating to my moving situation.

In Y.


US to India

My entire move to India was made so much easier with my moving experience with Champion. I would be very happy to utilize again in the future.

David R.


US to HK

The move you managed for us went more smoothly than my wife and I expected. Your US support team (Amy C. and Erin) was outstanding, as were the movers on both sides of the ocean. Thanks for helping to make this move simple for us.

Melissa A.


Texas to New York

Amber was amazing! Super helpful and very responsive - thank you very much! Moving internationally is stressful but working with Amber made things so much easier for us!

Iain O.


UK to US

I am particularly impressed with Megan's approach, she always answered questions quickly and fully, though more often than not she had already kept me up to date with developments heading off some of my questions, so that I felt I was always completely aware of what was going on at all times. In addition the short turnaround between the customs clearance and delivery was hugely appreciated. Thanks to Megan and all of the team for making this aspect of our relocation as straightforward as possible.

Ian M.


US to Spain

We were delighted by the level of service we received both in Pittsburgh and Barcelona and have already recommended your group to friends who are moving house.

Christine B.


US to UK

I cannot praise Michael Turner and the team in Texas too highly.

Ketan S.



Amy did an amazing job organizing the move. The transition was extremely smooth and since we were always in touch with her, we never had to follow up as she was always a step ahead. A big relief when you are moving across continents and she did a great job. Kudos to her and the team.

Timothy O.


UK to US

Advance preparation for the move, the packing and delivery were all well managed and professional. Timeliness and communication was great. Everyone involved was focused on customer service, efficiency and doing the job well. All good and would highly recommend the services.

Tyler G.


UK to US

Pat Quinn's communications were consistent, timely, and professional. This was greatly appreciated as this specific relocation required approximately 6 months and numerous twists and turns. The onsite delivery team was great, as well. The created a safe environment and treated our belongings like their own.

James G.


Canada to US

Cindy was very good. Our contact in Canada was exceptional at organizing everything, and getting us their best crew (the crew who packed our stuff, drove the 55 ft trailer to LA, and unpacked us). Great experience. Would definitely use the same moving companies again!

Ariane D.


France to US

A big THANK YOU to Jemima. She is super efficient, knowledgeable, responsive and super nice. It was a real pleasure dealing with her, and she made this stressful period much easier. Many thanks again.

Daniel M.


US to UK

The whole experience with Champion and their agents was perfect. It honestly felt like the move took care of itself. I had such little to worry about thanks to the support of everyone involved.



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