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Our Company

Champion International Moving, Ltd was created in 1991. The initial team of Ron Smith, Ron Schmitt, Faye Brockman, Rudy Planavsky, Bill Fogarty, Marcy Robertson, Paulette Cherico, and Pat Henry created a company centered on loyal customer relationships, dedicated employees and reliable quality. To this day, the founders still work hand in hand with employees, encouraging these ideals every day. The success of Champion is evident by longstanding account partnerships, tenure of employees and continual high marks in quality.

Our Process

Unlike most relocation providers, we are solely focused on the international shipping of household goods and personal effects via air, sea or land.

Everything is coordinated from one Global Operational Headquarters which guarantees streamlined communication, processes and consistency of service.

Port with Containers

The Technology

All of our apps and programs are developed in-house by professionals trained in international moving processes.

Our custom business application, CHAMPSgold (CG), is used to expertly manage every move. With CG, we are able to create reports and invoicing based upon your needs. Plus, it ensures consistency by logistically planning and setting timetables for advance completion of tasks.

Our Certifications

Champion strives to be a leader in the moving industry and continually works to be recognized by the relocation industry as the best example of quality service.



FIDI is the pre-eminent organization of international movers in the world. FIDI-FAIM is the formal Quality Management Program under FIDI, and has become the worldwide quality standard for international moving.

BS EN ISO 9001:2015

BS EN ISO 9001:2015

The International Organization for Standarization, is the world's largest organization for creating guidelines for companies worldwide.This certification verifies that our Quality System complies with international standards.



The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism certification provides us a contact person at U.S. Customs, reduced Customs examinations, and faster clearances.

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