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Executive Management

Jason Paschel leads as the President and COO, steering our company with visionary leadership and operational expertise. His journey with us began in 2009, initially as a Regional Manager in International Business Development, a role he excelled in for more than ten years before transitioning to the Director of Sales position.

Jason's professional path began in the transportation sector in 2005 at UPS, setting the stage for his profound industry knowledge. He is an alumnus of Robert Morris University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.



Bill is our Executive Vice President and has been instrumental in shaping our company's direction and growth since its inception in 1991. Starting as a Regional Manager of International Business Development, he played a pivotal role as one of the founding members, bringing invaluable insight and leadership from the beginning.

Before joining us, Bill embarked on his international relocation career at Aires in 1986, where he excelled as a Sales Account Manager. His journey in the industry is backed by a solid educational foundation from West Virginia University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.



Marcy Robertson, as the Vice President of Supply Chain, brings a foundational presence and deep-rooted expertise to our team, being among the original founders of the company in 1991. Marcy's career at Champion has been marked by a series of progressive roles, starting as a relocation specialist, advancing to Team Leader, then Director of Employee Development, and subsequently to Vice President of Human Resources.

Her educational journey at Robert Morris University equipped her with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Computer Information Systems, complemented by a minor in Quantitative Business Analysis. Marcy's multifaceted experience and comprehensive education have been instrumental in shaping our company's growth and success.



Brenda holds the position of Vice President of Operations, bringing a dynamic blend of expertise and leadership to our team. Her tenure with the company started in 1996, initially contributing her talents as a relocation specialist. Over the years, Brenda seamlessly transitioned to Quality Services Leader, followed by her role as Director of Client Services, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to excellence.

A proud alumna of Pennsylvania State University, Brenda earned her Bachelor of Arts in Labor and Industrial Relations. Her academic foundation, combined with her extensive practical experience, equips her with a unique perspective and depth of understanding in managing our operations effectively.



Brian's journey with our company began in 1999, initially making his mark as a programmer. After several years of showcasing exceptional skills in this area, he stepped into the role of IT Manager, later ascending to Director of IT. His evolving responsibilities eventually expanded to include the role of Director of Operations, where he further refined his leadership abilities and strategic insight.

As Vice President of Information Technology and Security, Brian contributes a rich tapestry of experience and knowledge to our executive team. With a Bachelor of Science in Professional Communication and Information Systems from Robert Morris University, Brian's educational background perfectly complements his extensive professional experience, making him a cornerstone of our company's technological and security initiatives.



Senior Management

Jeff's career at Champion began in 1999, where his exceptional skills and adaptability soon became evident. Progressing from a relocation specialist to Team Manager, and subsequently to Director of Operations, Jeff has consistently demonstrated his capability and dedication across a spectrum of roles.

Currently serving as the Client Services Director, Jeff leverages his extensive experience and knowledge to enhance client relations and service delivery. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management from the California University of Pennsylvania, Jeff combines his academic background with practical insights to drive innovation and excellence in client services.



Ashley is the Operational Quality Director, bringing a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence to our team. Her journey with us began in 2007 in the role of Quality Specialist. With her dedication and expertise, she advanced to Quality Manager and later to Quality Services Director, consistently elevating our quality standards at each step.

Ashley's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The College of Wooster and an MBA from Liberty University. Her educational background, combined with her extensive experience in quality assurance, positions her perfectly to lead our efforts in maintaining the highest operational standards.



Terry's journey with Champion commenced in 2008, initially joining our team as a Senior Programmer. His expertise and dedication have since propelled him to the role of Director of IT, where he now leads our technology initiatives with a strategic and innovative approach.

Before his tenure at Champion, Terry contributed his skills as a consultant for Information System Services, where he honed his proficiency in delivering complex IT solutions. In addition to his professional achievements, Terry is also recognized for his service in the Army, an experience that has instilled in him a strong sense of discipline, leadership, and commitment to excellence.



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